Welcome to be our Authorized Retailer!
What we can offer?
① Warehouse in US and ES. (More warehouses will be ready soon);
② Drop shipping service;
③ Recommend your online/office store to local potential clients;
④ Competitive wholesale price with free shipping;
⑤ US and ES Local warranty/repair center;
⑥ 24 hour business support

How to become our retailer?
① To be our dropshipper, you must have an online or offline store. We will ship the order directly to your customers. No Risk of stocking goods.
② To be our distributor or Wholesaler, you much have a business license issued from your local government and a retail store front. Maximize sales profit.
Pls contact sales@hyphotonflux.com to get an application form.
We will get back to you within 24 hours.