Q1 I have purchased 20pcs of HPF3000, can I group control them?
A1 Yes, you can group control them with a separate controller such as Trolmaster HCS-1 & LMA-14.

Q2 How exactly is HPF3000 packaged and shipped?
A2 It is discreet double packaging for protecting your privacy. you won’t know that it’s a grow light till you open it

Q3 Can it be set in a 3x3 ft grow tent?
A3 HPF3000 is perfect for 3x3 tent

Q4 What kind of brand diodes are used in this light?
A4 We use Samsung lm301b and Osram 660nm.

Q5 Is it easy to set-up?
A5 HPF3000 is folding design with plug&play connector. It is very easy and fast to set-up on your grow tent.