Q1 Can these HPF 4000 be hooked up to a lighting controller through the rj45 ports?
A1 Our light controller can not use RJ45 directly, but you can use a RJ14 to RJ45 adaptor and then you can connect it to RJ45 ports.

Q2 How many HPF4000 can be connected with one 0~10v controller?
A2 Using a daisy chain set-up, you can connect Max. of 80 lights with one 0~10v controller.

Q3 How did you power a meawell 240W driver to 480W?
A3 We have 2pcs Meanwell-240W driver inside of the driver box. The input true power is 480W totally.

Q4 Is there a 240v power cord available for HPF4000?
A4 We provide 110v power cord in the package,and the input voltage range of HPF4000 is 100-277v, so you can buy a converter to use 240v easily.

Q5 What kind of brand diodes are used in this light?
A5 We use Samsung lm301b and Osram 660nm.

Q6 Is this the same as growers choice e420 identical?
A6 HPF4000 has more power and more diodes than the growers choice does so its automatically going to have better par numbers. Also HPF4000 light is much more cheaper.