Q1 How did you make the light efficacy up to 3.0umol/J?
A1 The most efficacy diode in recently technology is the red diode and we used 192pcs red diode which is much more than other brand grow lights in the market.

Q2 Will the PRO-720 fit in a 5x5ft grow tent?
A2 Yes! PRO-720 is big size about 43.86'' x 43.86'' which is perfect for 5 x 5ft grow tent.

Q3 What spectrum is recommended during the flowering stage?
A3 Red lights from 640-680nm are most important in the flowering stage. This range of light promotes stem growth and overall plant height.

Q4 Is there an extension cable working for PRO-720.
A4 Yes, We have extension cable for PRO-720, You can find it in our store.

Q5 Does the PRO-720 have reds or blues ir or uv?
A5 The spectrum of our Newest PRO-720 is 6500k & 660nm, it has blue and red light that plants need, and with enhanced red spectrum, the PRO-720 has a better performance at flowering stage.

Q6 How many diode did you use for your PRO-720?
A6 We used 2784pcs diodes for PRO-720.