Q1 As for Smart 670, how big is it suitable for growing space?
A1 During the veg period, it is 6x6ft, and during flowering period, it is 5x5ft.

Q2 What spectrum is recommended during the veg period?
A2 The best spectrum for the vegetative stage stands in the blue light range, between 400 and 500 nm. It ensures that plants stay compact and dedicate their energy to stem strengthening and leaf production rather than making new branches.

Q3 Why does the Smart 670 show two efficiencies on the details page?
A3 When the UVA is turned on, it will reduce the efficiency of the whole photon system.It can achieve unmatched 3.03μmol/J efficacy(UV off), and 2.69μmol/J efficacy(UV on)

Q4 Can I control the UV light in separate?
A4 Yes, you can control the UV light in spearate. We have 4 independent spectrum control channel on the driver box to freely control 4 different light( White, Red, UV and IR).

Q5 Is Smart-670 hard in installation?
A5 Smart-670 is folding design with plug & play connector which is easy and fast in installation.

Q6 How did you select different spectrum?
A6 We have 4 independent knob dimmer on the driver box, you can adjust it as you need.