Finally finished transplanting the babies to their final homes in my new system and 8x4 setup!

They were all planted in the 6.6 gal xl auto pots.

The light set on 50% for mid veg! And a Uvb/Uva fluorescent bar attached to the for some real flower power
Isn’t it lovely

Grow Diary under #PRO720 and #HPF4000
Wow, what a difference in just 2 weeks!!!

But lately, I’ve been using my magic tea in my reservoir for feeding.
Both are on 50% pulling 572 watts from the wall!
All are housed in my newest 8x4tentsetup and is perfect for my babies

Grow Diary Week 11 under #hyphotonfluxpro720
These 3 strains is insane!!!!
Happy Growing Everyone &