hyphotonflux HPF4000 led grow light
480w led grow light
hyphotonflux 4x4 led grow light full spectrum
grow light for 5x5 ft tent
MEANWELL Driver  for 4x4 led grow light
gavita grow lights


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◉ TOP QUALITY COMPONENTS & HIGH OUTPUT — Equipped with market leader Samsung LM301B & Osram deep red diodes (total 1,272 pcs), HPF4000 draws 480 watts, powered by MEANWELL driver, it delivers PPF Efficacy up to 2.7 μmol/J and an average PPFD 1300 μmol/s @12" in 4'x4' coverage, harvest 2.5g/w easily!

◉ MAXIMUM YIELD FULL SPECTRUM & DIMMABLE — Proven high-yield full spectrum (3000K warm white, 4000K white, deep red 660nm) with higher red diodes ratio. Good for veg bloom and provide plants with enough light from seedling to flowering, born for big buds. Easy dimming design meets the needs of indoor plants at different stages of growth

◉ ENHANCED PASSIVE COOLING & DETACHABLE DRIVER — 6 pcs pure aluminum light bars (each bar's width is 90mm/3.54'', wider than any other led light bar) for better heat dissipation and cooling, it saves a lot of expenses at the exhaust, ventilation, and cooling devices. Besides, DC extension cords (sold separately) enable the driver (ballast) to be installed outside the grow tent where will become even cooler

◉ EASY TO SET UP & DAISY CHAIN — Folding design, simple and easy installation, plug and play, no assembly required, maximum 80 lights can be daisy-chained through a 0-10V controller, discreet packaging for protecting your privacy, especially beneficial both for home growers and commercial growers, suitable for grow tents, indoor warehouse, vertical racks, hydroponic and soil
High-yield Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants
4000watt grow lightsamsung 4x4 grow light
Why HYPHOTONFLUX HPF series LED is the best choice for you?
✔ SAMSUNG LM301B/H-is considered as the best white LEDs for horticultural lighting
✔ OSRAM deep red-is considered as the best red LEDs for horticultural lighting
✔ MEANWELL Driver-the most famous brand of driver
✔ Bar style design-The most popular design for LED grow lights
How to daisy chain the HPF4000?led grow light full spectrum for sale
⚠ The controller is not included in the package.
⚠ HPF4000 compatible with most brand 0~10v controllers.
⚠ Through the controller, you can manage your growing system better and provide lighting for your plants scientifically, great for a large areas of indoor growing and commercial planting.
Two hanging options
led grow lights for indoor plants
More you need to know
① The driver is detachable, so you can choose to put the driver on the light or outside the tent
② The DC extension cord is three meters long and needs to be purchased separately
③ Greatly reduce the temperature in the tent and make your tent cleaner
Suggestion for Different Stages
1000 watt led grow light