3.0 umol/J Enhanced Red Full Spectrum Growing Light for Indoor Plants
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HYPHOTONFLUX PRO-720 LED Grow Lights 3.0 umol/J Enhanced Red Full Spectrum Growing Light for Indoor Plants

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◉ HIGHEST EFFICIENCY & PERFORMANCE — HYPHOTONFLUX 2022 newest PRO-720 LED grow light is built with SAMSUNG LM281B+Pro Top bin & 660nm deep red diodes(total 2784pcs). 720-watt power draw delivers 2160μmol/s light output and achieves unmatched 3.0μmol/J efficacy, completely beating 1000W HPS/MH grow lamps
◉ ENHANCEDRED & OPTIMIZED FULL SPECTRUM — Full spectrum 6500k white LEDs + deep red 660nm is perfect for full-cycle growing from seeding to flowering. Besides, with an enhanced red spectrum, the PRO-720 has a better performance at the flowering stage, which makes plants healthier and max your yields
◉ BIG COVERAGE & UNIFORM DENSITY — HYPHOTONFLUX PRO-720 is engineered with greater dimensions (43.86"x43.66") to provide better PPFD coverage at 5'x5' flower growth. The linear and multi-bars style is designed for even light distribution and uniform bud density, especially it can reach 1000μmol/s to the outer edges, which meets the minimum standard of adding CO²
◉ RELIABLE PASSIVE-COOLED SYSTEM & DETACHABLE DRIVER — 8pcs pure aluminum passive-cooling light bars have excellent heat dissipation. It saves a lot of expenses for exhaust, ventilation, and cooling devices. Besides, DC extension cords(sold separately) enable the detachable driver to be installed outside the grow tent where will become even cooler
◉ DAISY CHAIN DIMMING — As the best commercial LED grow light in 2022, HYPHOTONFLUX PRO-720 is dimmable for indoor plants at different growth stages. The daisy chain function supports to connect of 80 units with most 0-10v controllers (sold separately) Perfect for grow tents, large indoor grows, soil growth, hydroponic, greenhouse, and vertical rack
◉ USER-FRIENDLY & EASY SET-UP — Flexible 180° folding design, plug and play, no cumbersome installation process and risk of parts damage, discreet packaging for protecting your privacy, especially beneficial both for professional home growers and commercial growers
◉ WORRY-FREE AFTER-SALES SERVICE — All HYPHOTONFLUX products are ETL certified, FCC listed, and IP66 waterproof.11 years of lighting manufacturing experience allows us to supply a product of well-built quality at a reasonable price. We provide a 3-year warranty and U.S.-based after-sales service, pls feel free to email us if you have any questions
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