How many plants can you grow in a 5x5 grow tent?
✿ This question couldn't be simpler for experienced growers, but for beginners, it's really difficult to figure out. So, here we will tell all factors you should consider and how to choose the best in your case.
✿ First you should know more plants does not equal more ganja, overcrowding will prevent them from getting enough light, resulting in low yields. At the same time, we need to use the space as much as possible, any unused space in your tent is a potential loss of yield. We have one goal that is to get more lbs.
Strain and Pot Size
✿ It's mainly depending on the strain and pot size. If you do SOG, you can get 25+ small plants in a 5 by 5 space.
led grow light for 5x5 area
✿ If you like to let your plants get larger, you could grow 4 fairly large marijuana plants in one of these tents. Some even grow a single huge plant in a 5x5. And you need different pot size for different strain. Some ideas we have are 4 plants in 7-10 gal, 6 plants in 5-7 gal, or 9 plants in 3-5 gal, or 16 plants in 1-2 gal. Any input would be great. Still got most of the way to go flowering these first 4 in this space, so you have time to decide how to setup the next round of plants for flowering. based on good advice or grow journals with similar tent space.
✿ The number of marijuana plants you can fit in any tent size depends entirely on the size of the plants. And that is something you can control. Some growers prefer fewer large plants, while others prefer many small ones.
samsung 4x4 grow light
✿ Whichever you prefer, you need to make sure the canopy gets enough light, obviously traditional 1000w hps can't ensure enough PPFD at the edge of the canopy, so you need a light that spreading more evenly, HYPHOTONFLUX PRO-720 and SMART-670.

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