HYPHOTONFLUX LED grow light: Buying advice
As a Manufacturer, We have new product launched in every month since 2019 to meet the needs of different growers. We have full range grow lights such as clone light, leafy green, inter-canopy light, greenhouse light, indoor grow light for cannabis, etc.

If you are a commercial grower,you request a customized product, pls send us email and our R&D team will give our best support. If you are looking for DLC listed grow lights to get the government rebate, we are happy to cooperate.

If you are a home growers, how to choose HYPHOTONFLUX grow lights?

In order to choose a suitable light, you need to know your planting area first, is it 3x3ft? 4x4ft, 5x5ft or larger?

For 3X3, Currently we only have the HPF3000 which is designed for 3x3ft. If you are growing in a 3x3 tent, then the HPF3000 is the right choice for you. Of course, our HPF4000 or PRO-480 can also be placed in a 3X3ft tent, but they will make your tent very crowded, with almost no gaps at the edges. Considering the price factor, if you have no plan to upgrade your planting later, HPF3000 is the most suitable light for 3x3ft tent.

For 4X4, we have two models to choose from. They are HPF4000 and PRO-480 which are both 480watt and same size. If you are very obsessed [əbˈsest] with UV and IR, then I would like to recommend PRO-480, because HPF4000 has no additional UV and IR. If your budget[ˈbʌdʒɪt] is limited and you need industry-leading Samsung lm301b led diode plus Osram 660nm, And then I would like to recommend our hot selling star HPF4000. It sold from 2019 and received lots of good reviews.

For 5X5, we have PRO-720 and SMART to choose from, generally speaking, I would recommend PRO-720, because the price of SMART is much higher than PRO-720. SMART and PRO-720 have similar spectrum, but SMART adds additional UV and IR, while PRO-720 does not. Secondly SMART is a very interesting light. It is more suitable for experienced[ɪkˈspɪəriənsd] growers. The white light, Deep red light , UVA light and Far-red light on the SMART can be controlled independently. If you want to change your spectrum at a certain growing stage, increase or decrease the supply of a certain light, then SMART is your best choice. SMART can choose more than 10 different kinds of spectrum.

Some customers asked what should they do if they bought HPF4000 or PRO-720, but they also want UV. Don't worry, we have a UV bar just for your needs. No matter what brand of lights you are using now, if you think you should add UV, then buy our UV bar, they are independent light bars, can be used with any lights, of course, due to the size problem, they only Suitable for 4x4 or larger space.

The above are our suggestions on purchasing grow lights, hope it is helpful to you

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