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LED Grow Light Quality Control in HYPHOTONFLUX
✿HYPHOTONFLUX is committed to providing customers with high-quality products. We have always required ourselves with strict standards. Each product has undergone multiple stages of testing.
✿The quality control of LED grow light is mainly divided into 5 main parts. The following content will show more details, pls check it.
✿Part 1 IQC Inspection
The picture shows IQC inspecting the size, hole position and appearance of the radiator.
(Before the materials enter the warehouse, IQC will sample and test the materials, according to the inspection standards and related drawings, to determine whether the materials are qualified, and record the test results in the "Incoming Material Inspection Form". )
hyphotonflux led grow light Part 1 IQC Inspection

✿Part 2 PP Sample Inspection
In the picture, QC is testing the LED board in the integrating sphere.
(Before SMT, we will make first article inspection, test the optical parameters such as spectrum, PPE, etc. Then judging whether it is qualified according to the inspection standard, and continue production. The test record will be saved in the computer for traceability and inspection. )

hyphotonflux led grow light Part 2 PP Sample Inspection

✿Part 3 IPQC Inspection
During the production process, QC will conduct a series of comprehensive inspections on the products. Ensure the quality in the production process with 100% test items to meets the design requirements.
The test items and content are as follows:
 ①PCB testing: After SMT and reflow soldering, we will conduct a lighting test on each LED to ensure that all the LEDs can work normally, and the brightness is uniform,without non-brightness, semi-brightness or damage, etc. 

hyphotonflux led grow light PCB testing

 ②High-Voltage test: All products will be through high-voltage insulation resistance test, after they are assembled to ensure that each product meets the UL safety requirements and it’s safe for customers when using.

hyphotonflux led grow light High-Voltage test

 ③Grounding test: Ensure that the grounding status of all products meets safety requirements.

hyphotonflux led grow light Grounding test

 ④Parameter test: After completing the test of the safety regulations, QC will conduct an electrical parameter test on the product to ensure that the electrical parameters of the product: power, voltage, current, etc. meet the product design requirements.

hyphotonflux led grow light Parameter test

 ⑤Function test:
 Knob dimming from 0 to 100 %

hyphotonflux led grow light Function test

RJ 14 Port dimming for group control

 ⑥Aging test: After all the QC test items are completed, the products will be put on the aging rack for a 4-hour aging test. During the burn-in process, a dedicated person will check the product status. Ensure that every product has passed the aging test and works normally.

hyphotonflux led grow light Aging test

 ⑦Waterproof test: After aging, FQC will take a sample of the product to do a waterproof test, and check that the product is in normal working condition after being sprayed with water. As shown

hyphotonflux led grow light waterproof test

✿Part 4 FQC inspection
When the product is packaged, FQC will take samples and conduct an integrating sphere test for optical and electrical parameters to ensure that the optical and electrical parameters of the product meet the customer's order requirements. And save the test records in the computer for traceability and inspection.

hyphotonflux led grow light Part 4 FQC inspection

✿After the packaging is completed, the product will be sampled and inspected, a comprehensive inspection of the product, check the product appearance, size, functional parameters, etc., and check the packaging box, check whether the product accessories specifications are correct, whether there are any omissions, etc. As shown.

led grow light
led grow light

✿Part 5 OQC inspection
Before the product is shipped, OQC will reconfirm the product and packaging to ensure that the shipped product meets the customer's order requirements.

hyphotonflux led grow light Part 5 OQC inspection

✿The above are the basic steps of our quality control, thank you for reading!
We guarantee that each batch of goods will go through the above-mentioned strict process before shipment. Perfect quality control standards and strict management procedures are the foundation for our growth.
To learn more, please follow our HYPHOTONFLUX!

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