What is color rendering index?
The color rendering ability of a light source to an object is called color rendering, which is compared with the appearance color of an object under a reference or benchmark light source (incandescent lamp or painting light) of the same color temperature. The spectral content emitted by the light determines the light color of the light source, but the same light color can be formed by many, a few or even only two monochromatic light waves, and the color rendering of each color is also very different.
Light sources of the same light color will have different spectral compositions, and light sources with wider spectral compositions are more likely to provide better color rendering quality. When there is little or no main wave reflected by the object under the reference light source in the light source spectrum, the color will produce obvious chromatic aberration. The greater the degree of chromatic aberration, the worse the color rendering of the light source. The color rendering index coefficient is a common method for defining the evaluation of the color rendering of a light source.
The color rendering index is a numerical value of the degree of color reproduction of light. The higher the color rendering index, the better the color reproduction effect and the more realistic the color display. Generally used Ra, the range is 1-100. 100 refers to the color rendering index of sunlight.
color rendering index
Generally, it is distinguished by the color rendering index:
Ra: 90-100 Excellent
Ra: 80-89 Good
Ra: 60-79 Normal
Ra: 40-59 Poor
Ra: 20-39 Very poor
Why do some growers use grow room glasses?
When the color rendering index is higher, the closer the value is to 100, the easier and more comfortable the color of the human eye is when distinguishing objects. On the contrary, if you use your eyes under an ambient light source with poor color rendering for a long time, your eyes will feel dry and tired, seriously can induce various eye diseases. Therefore, the higher the color rendering, the less likely it will hurt the eyes.
Grow Room Glasses bring comfort, clarity and safety to the grower's eyes in the grow room and reduce eye strain when working under grow lights.
The color rendering index of our LED grow light?
Our color rendering index is greater than 90, which is an excellent level. Brings the grower a color closer to the essence of the object.
The following is the test index of our HPF4000, if you want to know more, please contact us
EVERFINE SP-20Suite Test Report

Spectrum Test Report

led grow light spectrum test report

Φv(lm): 85445

Φe,λ(W/nm): 290.7

Φe(W): 283.3

Φrb_Ratio: 0.02381

Φe,uv(W): 0.4495

PPF(μmol/s): 1368

PPF(500-600)(μmol/s): 516.6

Numol(μmol): 1368

Φp,fr(μmol/s): 42.41

Φch-A(W): 51.73

Φch-B(W): 53.59

Φb-p(W): 110.8

Φy-g(W): 125.2

Φr-o(W): 2.638

Qv(lm.s): 85445

Qe(J): 290.7

PPE(μmol/s/W): 2.819

Φe,b(W): 290.7

Φe,fr(W): 6.981

PPF(400-500)(μmol/s): 183.1

PPF(600-700)(μmol/s): 669.5

Φp,uv(μmol/s): 6.981

Φr(W): 290

Qch-A(J): 51.73

Qch-B(J): 53.59

Qb-p(J): 110.8

Qy-g(J): 125.2

Qr-o(J): 2.638

Color Parameters:

Chromaticity Coordinate:x=0.4210 y=0.3752 u'=0.2529 v'=0.5070

CCT=3033K(Duv=-0.0098) Dominant WL:Ld=587.2nm Purity=38.9%

CCT=3033K(Duv=-0.0098) Dominant WL:Ld=587.2nm Purity=38.9Peak WL:Lp=661.2nm FWHM=129.4nm

Ra=90.2 R1=92.0 R2=97.4 R3=94.0 R4=88.6 R5=93.0

R6=94.2 R7=86.2 R8=76.4 R9=53.3 R10=95.5

R11=89.8 R12=84.1 R13=94.3 R14=97.8 R15=89.2

Electric: U = 230.78 VI = 2.142 AP = 485.3  WPF = 0.9814 Eff = 176.1 lm/W

LEVEL: OUT      WHITE: OUT      Status: Integral T = 29 ms Ip = 47125 (72%)


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