Why you need a controller to help manage the grow system?
✿ For indoor growers, achieving the perfect growing conditions is essential. Manually adjusting the temperature, nutrient level, irrigation, and more can quickly become a full-time job. Luckily, there's a solution.
✿ Manage you grow system through a controller.
✿ Grow room controllers help to automate many routine growing tasks, making growing not only easier but more precise too.
✿ At their most basic function, grow room controllers allow you to automate your growing process. They take the risk of human error out of growing, allowing you to ensure that you reduce common grow room problems. For example, the HYPHOTONFLUX master controller can show the light out put as W or %, so you can dimming the light precisely.
✿ A grow room environmental controller gives growers the ability to monitor and control many aspects of plant health including moisture, nutrients, CO2 level, lighting, heat, and more. The best part? You're able to ensure optimal growing conditions without having to be physically present in your greenhouse. Simply create a schedule and let your controllers do the work for you.
✿ There is a problem, I know that many growers have thermometer, hygrometer and PPM meter in their grow space, In fact it's not convenient and smart enough. But our 3-in-1 master controller can meter and show all the data.
✿ Besides, timers are widely used by growers, since it's cheap, but do you know it's not good to your light, it just cut the power off periodically. And through our master controller, you can reach sunrise/sunset setup to mimic outdoor planting.
LED-light-controller✿ And consider there are so many commercial growers, they may have more needs than home growers, because manually adjusting hundreds of lights is definitely a hassle, a controller help do that.Through the daisy chain function, you can dimming up to 160 lights, very smart and convenient, that's why you need it.
✿ There are so many brand controller in the market, such as Gavita, Trolmaster, most of them are expensive, In comparison, our master controllers are very cost-effective, absolutely value for money.

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