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Calculate How Many Watts Per Square Foot For LED Grow Lights Of Grow Room
✿ Do you meet problems when choose LED grow lights? How many watts light you should buy for your grow room? This article will give an answer and tell you how much watts you need.
✿ There are two factors that you need to consider when choosing the wattage of the LED Grow Lights.The first would be the plant you’re growing, and the second would be the total area of your grow space.
Type of Plant
✿ Plants have different lighting needs, which is why you need to know how much light a plant needs. As a rule of thumb, the higher the wattage, the more intense the light is. Leafy plants and herbs usually need lower wattages. Fruit and flowering plants like tomatoes and cannabis need higher wattages. The amount of power you need for leafy plants would often be half of what a flower-bearing plant needs.
✿ PPFD is the correct metric for measuring useful light intensity over a given area, the watts you need depends on the PPFD you need. We will report wattage calculations in this article.
✿ The watts you need depends on the PPFD you need, To establish the correct amount of wattage, you must first identify the size of your grow room and multiply it to your desired PPFD level.The output should then be divided by the PPFD per watt of your LED grow light, Wattage=PPFD/PPE
✿ For example, you are at flowering stage in 3x3ft tent, and your plants need 900μmol/s PPFD total, and the PPE of the light is 2.7 μmol/J, so you need 900/2.7=334 watts
✿ In general, it assumes about 30~32 watts/sq ft (actual LED wattage) for flowering. Fewer watts might equate to smaller yields while more wattage may lead to larger yields. So we got this sheet

✿ Why don't we count the needed watts for 6'x6' and 7'x7' or even bigger area? There is another factor to consider here - Coverage of the light. For example, you need 1470 watts for 7'x7' grow space, but there are no lights with that big size on the market, so you can put 3 units of 480w lights there to get more even coverage.
✿ At last, HYPHOTONFLUX can provide growers with different size and wattage of lights
For 3x3 ft grow space, we recommend HPF3000;
For 4x4 ft grow space, we recommend HPF4000 or PRO-480;
For 5x5 ft grow space, we recommend PRO-720 or SMART-670.
For commercial growers who have questions about the coverage, pls contact sales@hyphotonflux for help

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