Is the UV-bar Really Useful for Cannabis?
✿ In some articles about UV light, you maybe come across some views that question the role of UV and say it's a marketing ploy. It always puts you off the idea of buying a UV-Bar. In this blog, we'll explore whether growers really need to add UV light.
✿ In the following article,we’ll take a closer discussion regarding Ultraviolet lighting such as how it works, and what is the advantages of UV light and its weak point.
✿ Ultraviolet light is comprised of three different wavelength ranges of light. But only UVB and UVA, which have a positive effect on plants.
✿ UVB (280-315nm) has a short wavelength, high energy. Cannabis under UVB light responds to the stress and sunburn from UVB wavelengths, by creating it’s own sunscreen in the form of trichomes. The more trichome production the higher the THC, CBN and CBD levels.exposure to UVB radiation is also known to reduce a plants biomass, plant height and leaf area. But the plant will increase leaf thickness, terpene and resin production.
✿ UVA (315-400nm) has the longest wavelengths of UV light. UVA has also been shown to increase the amounts of THC, CBD, and terpene production in cannabis plants, without the negative effects of UVB.
✿ Research has shown that UVA/UVB can increase the terpene level and cannabinoid content. Increased the terpene means increase the flavor and smell which will lead to a more satisfying effect when smoking.
✿ Dutch Passion, one of the world's oldest seed bank companies, has tested if the UVB affects terpene levels.
✿ They ran a controlled test in a side-by-side grow that one side with UVB, and one side without UVB. There was a 19% increase in terpene levels under the UVB fixture, some terpenes increasing by almost 50%.

✿ So should You Use UV Lights In Your Grow Room?
Absolutely! If your goal is not to focus on high yields but flavor and smell. Go ahead and add a UV-bar in your tent.
✿ For the growers who already have grow lights you can take a look at our UV-Bar. For those who wanna buy a new light you can take a look at PRO480 which was added extra UVA and IR diodes. Pls free feel contact us directly if you have any questions about the light, we will be happy to help.

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