How to avoid the quality issue?

As LED grow light manufacturer with 11 years of OEM and ODM experience, We established the brand HYPHOTONFLUX in 2019 to provide growers from worldwide with commercial-grade LED grow lights at the most affordable prices.
In order to achieve a household name in this industry, we are dedicated to provide the highest quality and the best customer service. We have collected all complains from 2020, the complain ratio is less than 1% which are mainly for:

①The light fixture is half working
There are many reasons may cause the light be half work, it may be the DC Cable is defective; or one side of the DC cable doesn't be plugged well; One of the MEANWELL driver inside is defective. You should follow the steps below to check it out.

How to avoid the quality issue?

②The DC cable is not twist well and the light fixture is not working
Connect the Female side from driver box and Male side from Aluminum frame, when you hear “Click” after connect, you have to twist it well, and then power up. It is an important step to twist it well. It will make the connection joint very high temp, If you are not twist well. (See below picture)

③The AC plug and play connector is defective due to wrong operation
Some customers reported that the AC plug and play connector is defective. Here I want to remind that the connector there is self-locked design, so you don't have to twist it after plugging in. It will damage the plug or connector if you twist it hardly (See below picture)

④A series of LED diodes are not working?
Usually when the red diode there was damaged will cause the series connection area does not work. There are series connection design on the red diodes area, and the red diode is fragile. So that's why we have a yellow warning label on the fixture "Caution: Do not touch the fragile diodes"

Anyway, no matter what kind of problems you meet, you can contact us for customer support if you can't solve it yourself, we will try our fast to give a solution

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