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Some questions that customers Frequently asked about HPF4000
The first grow light we are selling on Amazon is HYPHOTONFLUX HPF4000 launched in the middle of 2020. We have received a lot of questions from growers about the product and some questions are quite professional. In this article I will select some professional questions you may be curious and share the answer with you.
Q1: I have a 220 outlet that can take 120v Plug, will the light burn out? I see it’s rated for up to 270v
A1: The driver we used is wide voltage from AC100V to 277V. It is no problem to use in a 220V outlet, But you have to use a 220V adaptor.
Q2: How much heat does this fixture give off? And is there any noise when the light is on?
A2: I saw one grower who gave an excellent answer under this question. Thanks to Andrew Diamond. He said: “Hi, it will not generate too much heat issue when the item placed at a suitable growing space and appropriate using hour. The large area of solid aluminium heat sink are excellent for heat dissipation. The fanless design makes you from noise.”
I will explain here: HPF4000 has much wide Aluminum about 90mm. From the temp report, The surface temp. On the aluminum bar is around 50degree when working temp is 25degree. If your budget is limit, I think you do not need buy an extra cold equipment.
Q3: Can these be hooked up to a lighting controller through the RJ45 ports?
A3: On the driver box end cap, there are RJ14 ports on it. If your controller in hand is RJ45 ports, you just need a RJ14 to RJ45 adaptor and then you can connect it to RJ45 ports.
Q4: The driver in the picture is 240W. How many drivers are in this light?What is actual wattage?
A4: We used 2 pcs of Meanwell 240W driver inside. When you open the cover of driver box, so you can see the drivers inside clearly. The actual wattage is 480W.
Q5: I have just bought a second hpf 4000, can someone explain more specifically what I need and how exactly to daisy chain one light to the other?
A5: Just hang it up. And pls be sure you will use the AC power cord to connect the second light. We had a complain earlier that the second light is not working after daisy chain. The problem is the grower used only 1pcs power cord to connect the first light. And then he used a controller to connect two lights together and found only 1 light was working. The RJ14 cable is a signal cable and pls remember to use the power cord to connect each light you install.
Q6:Has anyone had any issues with light blowing a fuse! I just ordered it and mine is blowing fuse as soon as I pug it in.
A6: All of our lights are 100% testing and aging more than 8 hours before shipping. In case you have this kind of problem(Note: we only receive one complain about blowing a fuse in 2 years), you can contact with us to change the light and we will pay the shipping cost for sending back and arrange a new light to you. If the second new light has the same problem, I am afraid that you have to upgrade circuit to a larger breaker.
Q7: If I use a 240volt adapter, does that reduce the amount of amps the light needs?
A7: Yes, it is 4.1Amps@120Vac and 2.15Amps@240Vac
Q8: Is it possible to get this with a UK plug?
A8: We have HPF4000 stock in Spain. All European stocks are changed to European plug. If you need a UK plug, you have to buy an adaptor in local.
Q9: I have 10pcs of HPF4000, Where Can I buy the controller?
A9: You can purchase controller from our official store and we will send the controller from China mainland, and the transport time is about 7 days. The controller is included 2pcs of RJ14 cables. So if you have more lights in hand, pls tell us and we will send you extra RJ14 cables in free as a gift.
If you need the famous brand controllers, we recommend to choose Gavita master EL2 and Trolmaster HCS-1 and LMA-14.
Above are some professional questions about HPF4000 you may come across. If you still have any doubts after reading it, pls feel free to contact us via

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