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Some questions that grower may ask frequently of PRO series LED grow lights
Here we have sorted out some of the questions that growers often ask about the PRO series grow lights and answered them, I hope this will be helpful to you
1.The PRO-720 is not full spectrum is leaning heavy blue/cool. Not great for flower cycle
The PRO-720 is full spectrum grow light, suit for full cycle growth, and compare to other light, it has more red diodes, so it has better performance in flower stage
2.For the PRO-720. Why is there no ir or uv diodes for this price? highly doubt efficiency is 3.0
We have professional equipment for testing, the efficiency of PRO-720 is 3.0. This light does not have UV and far-infrared, this is a commercial LED grow light, if you need uv or ir, you can buy the PRO-480.
3.What kind of diodes are on the Pro-720 and PRO-480?
Both the PRO-480 and PRO-720 use SAMSUNG LM281B+Pro diodes
4.Can these be used outdoors to supplement a shady garden area?
We suggest you use it indoor
5.What should the dimmer switch be for seedlings?
For seedling plants, you can dimming it to 25% and keep the height at 48" around
6.Where can I get an extension cable for mounting an additional driver further outside of my tent? Mounting the drivers outside makes a big difference
You can buy the DC extension on, please search "extension cord" there if you can't find it
7.What is the pro-480 and 720 light equivalent to a hps?
Usually, the PRO-480 can absolutly replace a 600w hps light, and the PRO-720 can replace a 1000w hps
8.Can I daisy chain this the pro-480 with the 720?
Yes you can
9.How many uv light on the pro-480?
There are 12 pcs of UVA diodes on the PRO-480
10.Why the pro-720 is better for flowering?
As you know, plants need more red on flowering stage, and the PRO-720 has enhanced red spectrum, so it's better for flowering
11.How do we ensure these are authentic since they come from Amazon?
If you buy the used-light from Amazon warehouse, we can't provide with 3-year warranty, if you buy the new light from Amazon or, we will provide you with 3-year warranty
12.I grow in 5x5, but I didn’t get it full, so which model I should buy?
For 5x5 grow space, you need a high-power and large light. I will recommed the PRO-720 or Smart-670 to you, they are designed for 5x5 coverage.

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