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How to correctly use LED Grow lights---6 mistakes you must avoid

More and more growers switch their lights to LED grow lights and they think this way will automatically increase their plant crops. Sure, LED lights are beneficial. But if indoor gardeners do not know how to use lights properly to avoid some issues,The plants will be hurt.

⚠ Don't Use Regular LED Lights replace LED Grow Lights
I can understand you do this to save money. while regular LED lights share some properties with LED grow lights, they aren't optimized for growing space. the regular LEDs won't give your plants the ideal spectrum for photosynthesis, nor will these lights have the proper PPFD power to promote robust growth. and, regular LEDs have a lower diode efficiency than grow lights, which means they will give off more heat in your grow space. Excess heat can alter your tent's temperature and humidity, which could have disastrous effects on whatever strain you're growing or cause your plants to die.

⚠ Don't choose ultra-Cheap LED Grow Light Models
Cheap LED growth lights maybe can save you money in the beginning in the long run. But these cheaper LEDs often have subpar efficiency and a shorter lifespan. Chances are that ultra-cheap LED grow lights won't reward you with huge yields. You should focus more on the quality and longevity of your LED grow lights to get a more accurate read on their affordability.

⚠ Never Change Your LED Grow Light Intensity Or Height Too Fast
Plan your strategy carefully in advance before adjusting the height or brightness of your LED grow lights. Generally, It will take about two or three days for plants to adapt to the new schedule. So do not move to a new light intensity too quickly, this will disrupt the normal physiological development of the cannabis plant. The below picture will help you adjust your plants in different stages.

⚠ Avoid Using LED Grow Lights With An Unstable Voltage
In addition to PPFD and spectrum ratios, light's voltage is also an important point. Lights with an unstable voltage will likely emit a strobe effect, which could significantly reduce their efficiency and long-term performance. Even subtle strobe lights may confuse plants, thus stunting their growth and yield potential.
Please avoid excessive use if you would like your LEDs to last longer.

⚠ The Wrong Spectrum Ratios
Generally, the best LED grow lights will have a full spectrum of light waves to mimic natural sunlight. So unless you're a professional grow light designer, you mustn't self-designing a full-spectrum LED for your grow space. Wrong and disproportionate light spectrum can affect plant growth.

⚠ No Clean and Maintain Your LED Grow Lights Properly
You don't need to change LED grow lights as often as HID bulbs, but these panels still require routine maintenance. You can view a previous blog called how to clean LED lights to know.

As one of the professional LED grow lights manufacturers. We have been insisting provide high-quality and affordable grow lights for gardeners. If you have any questions in the process of using lights, please feel free to contact us.Longer lights life requires our joint efforts.

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