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The production schedule about led grow light of HYPHOTONFLUX (part 3)
✿ At Previously production schedule part 2 we have detailed introduced the LED
Board Testing, Silicone Coating and Integrating Sphere Test. In this part, we will continue share the Light fixture assembly process.
✿ Step 7: LED Board Testing again and fixing
1. Before assembly the LED board on the Pure Aluminum bar, we will test the LED board again to make sure all diode are good of working:Detecting whether there are damaged, insufficient brightness or uneven led diodes on the LED board;
2. Fixing on the Aluminum bar: Insert the LED board into the pure Aluminum bar which has good thermal conductivity, and fix the LED board tightly with screws;
3. The heat of led board will transfer to Aluminum bar to make the LED diode cooling and increasing its lifespan;
LED Board Testing again and fixing
✿ Step 8: Fix the aluminum Bar
1. Skilled worker will make welding on each LED board: Apply the solder paste on the area of the positive and negative poles before weld, then weld directly on it. Solder paste is reduced to molten tin the moment it comes into contact with the soldering iron. Touch for a second, then remove the soldering iron wire to complete a soldering;
2. Each three LED board will be parallel connection through 1 to 3 power cable inside the frame;
3. Use Silicon glue on the solder joint for waterproof and anti-pull;
4. Fix each Aluminum bar total 6 bars on the frame with screws;
Fix the aluminum Bar
✿ Step 9: Fix folding hinge and end cap
1. Fixing well the six Aluminum bar on the frame;
2. Using a long screw to fix the folding hinges which has been screwed into the protection slot at both side ;
3. Installing the frame cover tight with plastic hammer;
4. The light fixture is well assembled after fixing the end cap by screws;
Unique hinge folding design, will make the lights' transportation more convenient as well as the lights easy to fold when in use and storage.
Fix folding hinge and end cap
✿ Hyphotonflux has been strictly demanding each production schedule to provide customers with high-quality products.Please feel free to contact us if you have any question about quality.More production schedules will be continued from next update.

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