Can you use an extension cord for a grow light?
✿ With more and more growers coming to indoor growing, it is high time for you to get a extension cord for a grow light. Not sure why need to use that? No worries, we’re going to take a look at it here for you so you can decide whether it is the right and suitable accessory for your grow light:
✿ As for indoor growers, they always use some tents to grow their plants. The extension cord is designed to give an better experience to you and your plants:
✿ First things first, because the driver will heat up, indoor growers may meet some heat issues when turn on the grow light without extension cord for a long time.
the DC extension cord for indoor plant
✿ Especially in summer, when the surrounding environment is hot, plants will turn on their thermal protection mechanisms. Have the driver away from the light or even mount the driver outside of the tent will let your grow light just a little heat issue.
Heat problems in indoor grow tents
✿ Use an extension cord, the driver can be taken down, so that you can mount the driver outside of the tent. It definitely helps keep the heat down. The cooler environment can let your plant enjoy growing under the grow light.
DC Extension Cord for HPF LED
✿ Secondly, the height of the indoor growing tents is certain.What’s more, the driver placed above the light will take up some height. After taking down the driver, the grow light can be placed higher.
✿ Hyphotonflux is committed to making your growing experience all the better and helping you get more rewards. So there you have extension cord, go and enjoy your favorite indoor grow! Let your plants easier as well! If you are interested in extension cords, welcome to click there to know more.

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