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HYPHOTONFLUX 30W UV-A Bar, UV Supplemental Booster Released
We are proud to announce that we're going to list a new light on our site-The UV-A bar LED grow light.
Following are basic specs:
Wattage 30W LED Quantity 32 pcs
Dimming 0-100% Spectrum UVA 385 nm
Daisy Chain Yes Waterproof Rating IP-66
LED Brand Seoul Dimensions 39.4"x2"x1.5"
HYPHOTONFLUX 30W UV-A BarWhat's the benefit of adding this UV bar to your growth?
✿ First, it has been proved that UV light can make plants tougher and keep short, plants make their own sun-screen and produce more trichomes.
✿ Secondly, Most of the growers already have LED grow lights for their plants, and it is a bigger invest to have a new grow light with UV diode on it. It is an economic solution to buy a separate UV bar for their growing space.
✿ Third, it's easier to manage your grow lighting system. You can connect an controller or a timer to control the UV-A light working time at any time you need. The daisy chained design is also suit for commercial planting
✿ For more details or pre-order, pls contact sales@hyphotonflux.com

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