LED Grow Light Power Cord Options
✿ HYPHOTONFLUX high quality grow lights and high yield are recognized by more and more growers in world wide. And We received a lot of questions that if they can use our grow lights in their country.
HYPHOTONFLUX Series Grow lights are wide Voltage from AC100 to 277V, If your place has the input Voltage between AC100V and AC277V, you can use our grow light directly.
✿ For the stock in USA, we have included AC120V plug (NEMA 5-15P), see below picture. Home Growers can use it directly without adaptor.
✿ For the commercial growers in USA, The voltage will be AC240V or AC277V. And then they need buy an US 240V adaptor or US 277V adaptor.
✿ For the stock in Europe, we have included an EU plug, If you have a different type of plug, you need buy an adaptor to use the light.
✿ Use an Adaptor is the fast solution if our standard power cord is different type in your place. Or you can contact with us to customize an power cord and send from our manufacture.

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