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What distance between the LED grow light and plants should be?
✿ More and more growers are starting to transfer their HID Lights to LED Grow lights, but there’s a lot of confusion about the exactly hanging height of grow lights. Manufacturers may give you a "Suggestion height" for hanging LED light, but blindly following unprofessional "Suggestion" may ruin your plants.
✿ So let’s take a look at some considerations for the height of LED grow light, and dive into recommendations for how you can achieve the maximum output levels for your crop using advanced LED lighting systems.
✿ Before we get started, you should know some main technical terms:
✿ Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR) – It’s simply a descriptor for the type of light needed to support photosynthesis in plants. Specifically, PAR refers to visible light with wavelengths of 400-700 nanometers(nm).
✿ Photosynthetic Photo Flux (PPF) – PPF is the total output of photons in the PAR range from the light.
✿ Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (PPFD) – PPFD measures the amount of PAR that reaches and is absorbed by your plants. Different locations on each canopy can have different PAR readings, the closer the light is to the plant, the higher the PPFD.
✿ But don't forget that lamps not only produce light, they also produce heat. The heat is another factor we need to care for, although LED lights produce little heat.
✿ Seedlings need the least amount of light intensity, and as your plants progress between each phase, you’ll need to continually reduce your LED grow light distance, or you can dimming the light to suitable wattage.
✿ Flowering need the most amount of light intensity, and then you have to hang your grow lights as close as the plant and switch to the Maximum Power.
✿ Below are the recommended heights and wattage of HYPHOTONFLUX lights for different stages of plant growth.
Stage Model


PRO-480 PRO-720 SMART-670
25%@48" 25%@48" 25%@48"
Vegetative 50%@48" 50%@24" 50%@24" 50%@24"
Early Flower 50%@24" 75%@24" 50%@18" 75%@24"
Late Flower 100%@18" 100%@18" 100%@18" 100%@18"
✿ If you add extra CO2 to the grow space then you need higher power or down the height of the lamp, which depending on the PPM.
✿ Grow is science, you must sharpen your tools first if you want to do it well, and a good light can make planting easier, HYPHOTONFLUX is always here to help growers to be better.

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