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Spectrum suggestions of SMART-670 LED grow light for different growth stages
✿ In June, we released the newest SMART-670 LED. It is a powerful light with tunable spectrum design, and it has complete spectrum including white 6500k, red 660nm, uva 385nm, far-red 730nm.
✿ With spectral tuning capabilities in SMART-670, growers can replicate the natural transition of the seasons and therefore influence the photomorphology in their crop. Different combinations of spectral light bring various results. This capacity has revolutionized indoor horticulture as cultivators are able to adjust the eventual outcome while also supplying the best spectral light for each stage of growth.
✿ So, What spectrum do we recommend for different growth stages?
Spectrum for Seedling
Spectrum for Seedling
✿ Blue is the best cannabis light spectrum for seedlings and young crops, at the higher end of kelvin scale, so you need turn on the white 6500k light
Vegetative stage
spectrum for Vegetative stage

✿The best spectrum for the vegetative stage stands in the blue light range, between 400 and 500 nm. Blue light opens the stomata, facilitating carbon dioxide absorption. This effect encourages photosynthesis. And it ensures that plants stay compact and dedicate their energy to stem strengthening and leaf production rather than making new branches.
Besides, for indoor planting, UVA can help boost THC level, it has beneficial effects on color, nutritional value, taste, and aroma, and UVA is the safest part of UV light(compare to UVB & UVC) both for human skin and for plants. So turn on the UVA from vegging
spectrum for flowering stage

✿ As vegging wraps up, start increasing the red while slightly reducing the blue(keep the UVA on )
Red light is ideal for flowering cannabis. Wavelengths between 600 and 700 nm are the peak for chlorophyll absorption. They heighten flower and resin development for abundant harvests of fat colas. but you can't completely abandon blue, which both induce and accelerate flowering.
✿ And we suggest you turn on the Far-red light, when plants were simultaneously exposed to both deep red (660nm) and far red (730nm) wavelengths, the rate of photosynthesis was far higher than the sum of the deep red and far red light separately. When used in synergy with deep red, far red light reduces the dissipation of absorbed light as heat, increasing photosynthesis rates.
✿ Above is the suggested spectrum for different stage of SMART-670, or you can follow your planting experience to DIY your spectrum.

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