Which is the best white diodes for grow lights?
✿ Here at HYPHOTONFLUX, we are pride in providing high quality grow lights for indoor growers. While factors like heatsinks, power supply and temperature etc play a crucial role in the longer lifespan of any indoor plant grow light(refer to our earlier blog:Reasons that affect the lifespan of LED grow light,but the full spectrum quality and intensity are determined by the type of LED diodes used in led grow lights.
✿ As a well-experienced manufacture, we are always evaluating led diode from leading diode manufactures and select the higher efficient diode which is the top quality but also competitive in price. Rather than throwing the diode brand names to distract people, we will give the actual parameters based on below 5 types of White diode.
Performance  Model




Seoul 3030 Cree 2835
PPE 3.10 μmol/J 3.03 μmol/J 2.99 μmol/J 3.01 μmol/J 3.02 μmol/J
Wattage 0.3 W 0.3 W 0.5 W 0.6W 0.5W
PPF 0.55 μmol/s 0.54 μmol/s 0.53 μmol/s 0.53 μmol/s 0.53 μmol/s

Forward Voltage

2.72V 2.72V 2.75V 2.7V 2.7V

5000K, 65mA,CRI80

5000K, 65mA,CRI80

5000K, 65mA,CRI80

5000K, 65mA,CRI80

5000K, 65mA,CRI80

Luminous Flux

39 lm 38.8 lm 37.5 lm 38.05 lm 38.25 lm

Luminous Efficacy

220 lm/W 220 lm/W 208 lm/W 220 lm/W 218 lm/w
Seoul 3030
Cree 2835
So what Specifications is vital in these white diodes?
✿ PPE(Photosynthetic Photon Efficacy) is the most important parameters in these white diodes. PPE measures a light fixture's efficiency for converting electrical energy into PAR light. PPE is the PAR photon output of a light source (measured in micromoles per second or µmol/s) divided by the input power (Watt) to produce that light. This is expressed as micromoles per Joule ( µmol/j). The higher the light efficacy of your LED grow lights’ diodes, the better as it allows you to save money on electricity without sacrificing light production. Thus PPE is an important measure for comparing the efficiency of different manufacturers' grow light fixtures.
✿ From above parameters, we can easily find that Samsung lm301h is the most efficacy LED diode up to 3.10 μmol/J. And from grow light technology recently, Samsung lm301h is the industry recognized best white diode. However, due to high price of Samsung LM301H and in order to maximize the value, our HPF Series LED decided to use Samsung LM301B second only to Samsung LM301H.
✿ With the increasingly competitive market, many consumers expect a more cost-effective LED grow light. After a long time testing and evaluation, our PRO Series LED enabled Samsung LM281B+PRO which received a lot of respect and recognition from commercial growers and also hobby growers after launch.
✿ We HYPHOTONFLUX are always committed to introducing cost-effective products to the end user. We want our users who will maximize the value on a limited budget.

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